Dr.Tihomir Švajhler

Prim. dr. sc. med. dent.

Prim.dr.sc. Tihomir Švajhler dr.med.dent.

Head Doctor Tihomir Švajhler, DSc (dental medicine), is founder and owner of the dental practice.  He graduated from The Zagreb University School of Dental Medicine in 1979. From 1982–1994 he was employed as assistant at the School of Dental Medicine Institute for Oral Surgery, and from 1985–1994 as a resident at the Clinic for Facial, Maxillary and Oral Surgery in Zagreb. He completed postgraduate studies. In 1988 he passed specialized exam in oral surgery and won his master’s thesis. He acted as lecturer in permanent education process of dental medicine doctors, and published several scientific and professional papers. Towards the beginning of the 90s, he became engaged in dental implantology. In 1996, he won a doctor’s thesis from the area of implantology, the first of its kind in Croatia. He is an active participant in implantology-related congresses. He has held a Head Doctor status since 2001.